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“Sing” Review

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Animals singing can be one of the most entertaining and unrealistic things. In the hit movie “Sing”, there are dancing pigs, a singing mouse and a dramatic sheep, as well a story line anyone can enjoy.

The movie follows a koala bear named Buster Moon who owns Moon’s Theatre and decides to have a talent contest to save the theatre from bankruptcy. He recruits animals to sing and be in the talent contest, and all goes well until the climax of the movie. During the climax, the building collapses, everyone has to evacuate the theater and the show is temporarily cancelled until the end when the characters do a performance on the remains of the theatre.

I think “Sing” is a movie for not only children to watch, but their families as well because of the animals relatable personalities.

There are angry bears who appear and try to kill a cheating mouse, a gorilla thief who is mean to his son and a shy elephant who just wants to sing. There is also Rosita, a pig mom with a bunch of children; Ash is a porcupine who tries to overcome her broken heart by singing, and lastly there is Mike the mouse who is the little guy with a big personality.

To me, this movie teaches viewers that if they try hard, be brave, work together and follow their dreams and anything is possible.  

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“Sing” Review