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Trolls Review

Emma Johnson, Reporter

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With the rainbows, sparkles and colorful little trolls, my eyes could not surpass the screen. “Trolls” may not be the best film for adults to watch because of the young humor and a troll that poops cupcakes, but it is definitely a lighthearted film for children.

The movie “Trolls” is mainly about how the Bergens, the bad people in the movie, try to kidnap the trolls to feel happiness. Even with the troll’s tiny bodies, they have huge personalities that can be seen throughout the film. The happiest troll, Poppy, is one of the main characters along with the most cautious troll, Branch.

All of the twist and turns with the trolls and Bergens made this film really engaging. I have never watched a troll movie before, but this movie definitely made me want to start. The music in this movie added a lot of happiness, it was appropriate for every situation that occurred. I especially enjoyed the music toward the middle when the conflict started to increase.

The animations in this film were top-notch. The details of all of the trolls showed their unimaginable amount of happiness and displayed how each of their looks fit their different personalities. The features on the Bergens showed that they were unhappy and miserable.

I enjoyed the suspense the producer gave me throughout the film, because it made me wonder what was going to happen next. I would say this movie was very creative, and a great show for the youth. So if someone is needing happiness, I would go watch the movie “Trolls.”

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Trolls Review