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Secrets and Lies

Griffin Voorhies, Reporter

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Secrets and Lies is a drama/crime show where a family man, Ben Crawford, finds the body of five year boy, Tom Murphy, who later turns out to be Crawford’s son. The show premiered March 1.

The plot thickens as the story unfolds, and the audience finds out that the boy who was killed is the biological son of the man who found him. One problem with the boy being his son, was that Crawford’s wife of 15 years was not the mother. The FBI brings in their top detective, Detective Cornell; Cornell believes that Crawford was the one to kill Tom and turned all of Crawford’s neighbors against him.

Throughout the rest of the series, both Detective Cornell and Ben will have to find out who killed Tom Murphy. The show has very intense scenes and pulls the audience into it with all the mysteries and trying to find out who killed Tom Murphy.

I recommend people to watch Secret and Lies because it a great drama and crime show. The show is realistic because most little kids who die are either related to murderer or had a good relationship with the murderer. New episodes of Secrets and Lies air every Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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Secrets and Lies