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Divergent, written by Veronica Roth, is the first book of the Divergent trilogy; the other two books in the trilogy are Insurgent and Allegiant. I liked Divergent because of all the content variation Roth puts in the writing, and because she found the perfect balance of romance, violence and action.

I would refer to Divergent as a coming of age book where Beatrice Proir, the main character, completes her final year of school and begins her journey in the real world. Throughout the book, I could feel Beatrice growing as a person and developing her own mindset away from her family; it was like she was coming to life in my mind.
Beatrice first realizes that she is different when her aptitude test results come back as inconclusive. Beatrice is told that she is Divergent.

In Divergent, the story is set in the future, and the new law system revolves around factions, or separate societies. All the graduating students gather and go through the Choosing Ceremony. After holding her recently sliced hand out between the two bowls, Beatrice boldly makes the decision that will define her future for the rest of her life, Dauntless. After choosing their new faction, all the new initiates head back to their new faction’s headquarters to train and become the next leaders of their world.

Roth does so well putting the failures and the successes of characters into words that I found myself getting excited when Tris got excited, and getting sad during the more somber moments in the book.
For example, in the first part of her initiation, Beatrice has to jump on and off a moving train and jump blindly from a seven story building. Roth does an excellent job of putting Beatrice’s fear into words and then showing Beatrice’s sudden burst of courage when she is the first jumper.

At first, I felt like it would be hard finish the book because the beginning was a little slow, but by the time I made it to the end, I could not put Divergent down. I look forward to other books by Roth, and I would definitely recommend Divergent to friends and family members.

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