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Edge of Tomorrow is well worth your time

Aspen Lawson, Reporter

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In the movie The Edge of Tomorrow, actor Tom Cruise plays a determined Army Major named Bill Cage.
Cage is dropped onto an army base on the edge of a battlefield and thrown into combat almost immediately after his arrival. With no specialized combat training, Cage goes into war unaware and blind. He dies within minutes.
The movie became a little confusing at this point, because the same scene kept repeating itself.

Cage wakes up dazed but in pain at the same time. He thinks that he woke up from a horrible dream until there are several eerie coincidences. He gets ushered into battle again, but this time he tries to save lives of other warriors he saw die. This is where he runs into Rita Vrataski (played by actor Emily Blunt) who claims to have gone through the same repetition of events as the Major. This is when the movie got very predictable. It was like being able to see into the future and predicting what would be happening next.

The soldiers fought together as the days reset over and over. I was frozen with suspense when the final battle started. The small team fought side by side to attempt to destroy a foreign enemy invading planet Earth.
Although it was somewhat repetitive and confusing, The Edge of Tomorrow was well worth the time I spent watching it. The suspenseful parts made sure that it was never boring to watch. This movie kept me absorbed for its entire length, and if anything, the confusing parts captured my attention, rather than making me lose focus.

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Edge of Tomorrow is well worth your time