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Humboldt Middle School Wax Museum

Kim Isbell

Zoey Rinehart, Online Editor-in-Chief

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Forty-eight middle school students from Scott Brady’s 7th Grade Kansas History class got the opportunity to participate in a Wax Museum Dec. 14 in the High School Media Center. This is the second year that this class has completed this project.  The students began working on the project three and a half weeks prior to the day of the show. They chose who they wanted to represent from a list of 100 famous Kansans. The people they chose to portray from ranged from famous athletes to actors and actresses and even serial killers, all from Kansas.

This is obviously huge for their public speaking skills; a lot of them had to step way out of their comfort zone to be able to do this,” Brady said. “They also had to meet a lot of deadlines so it helps with organization and how to take a large task and figure out how to make it manageable. I really think the kids love this project, especially the night portion. They get great feedback from the adults, and it makes them really proud of what they have put together, which they should be proud because they did a phenomenal job.

An act at the wax museum consisted of a student who came to life after a person put a coin into their pre-made box. Then,they came to life and told the audience all about their person’s life and why they are important in Kansas’s history. High school and middle school students toured the museum in the morning from 8:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. The museum was opened again Thursday night from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the community to take part.

“I liked the wax museum; they did a great job, and it looked like they put a lot of effort in,” Madison Wilson, so., said. “ I got to see a bunch of them, which was awesome; it was hard to choose which one to go to next.”


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